Introduction To Seffex Capital

Seffex Capital and it’s subsidiaries is an international financier inexorably committed to making every one of our client’s deals more profitable while at the same time aggressively protecting their interests through superior deal structures. The strength in our core discipline is superior advisory services, which we apply in every deal before even discussing financing options. We engage our world-class advisory and underwriting expertise to develop the optimal deal structure while providing due diligence, compliance and AML in addition to deal structure. The firm through it’s proven financial engineering structures, fund some of its major projects through its subsidiaries, Seffex Maritime Ltd, Kingdom Capital Ltd, Seffex Energy Ltd, and Seffex Cargo Airline Ltd.

Venture capital funding
The firm manages multi-strategy investment project funds in Europe and Asia, it also provides hedge fund advisory services to pooled investment vehicles.

The group trades financial instruments, fund Mega projects, facilitates import/export trades arround the word, and offers client performance bonds on certain levels of their financial participation in order to reduce risks to the lowest minimal level. Throughout our company’s history our management executive has consistently closed very large financial transactions for themselves, their company and their customers. As a result, our business is not motivated by volume or size of a transaction but by the quality, security and safety of a transaction with a client. We value our clients Privacy and Security and have established processes and an infrastructure that provides a safe haven for investors and project owners, no matter how significant or prominent their profile.


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Members of our Executive Team have worked in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 25 Banks and completed deals worth billions of dollars. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors all with proven track records of

We have a unique perspective of the industry from the inside out, our company was Established in 2008 and we have operated as a Mega Projects Spearheads, Financial Instruments giants, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler until late 2016. In January 2018 our Board decided to launch special operation in West Africa, and as a consequence, its subsidiaries headed by Africa Regional Associates were setup to provide a secure, solid gateway for clients in West Africa to reach us and utilize the services, structure and expertise of Seffex Capital.

Privacy and Security Privacy and Security for investors and project owners
We value our clients Privacy and Security and have established processes and a infrastructure that provides a safe haven for investors and project owners

Our Compliance Department performs detailed due diligence on all clients to ensure the person or company we are doing business with meets the Client Standards, financial qualifications, safety and integrity we require.

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Seffex Capital takes a high conviction approach to Project funding, offering performance bond to investors as a way of assurance and safety guarantee.

We provide accurate, timely, and no-nonsense advice to a selected number of clients that we approve and chose to engage in a business relationship with. We do not accept all clients, so those we chose to do business with us understand that it is a valued privilege to be a client of Seffex Capital, not a right!