Funding for Agricultural, Medical, Humanitarian Projects for 2021.

Seffex Capital Ltd under no-risk schemes, we offer Recourse Loan of N100million Naira up to N500million Naira Specifically to Nigerians who are engaged in Agricultural, Medical and Humanitarian Projects in the country.

  • To Qualify For The Loan
  1. Corporate LOI must be written and addressed to (The Management, Seffex Capital Ltd, regional associate Abuja, Nigeria) and accepting the following terms and conditions.
  2. Unlike others we accept a refundable deposit (RD) for Fund Procurement/ Collateral Security costs of N12-20 million naira depending on the amount of loan you are looking for. (N12 million RD is for N100 million loan. N20 million RD is for N500 million).

There is room for N1 billion Loan with little higher refundable deposit.

  • We offer verifiable non-performance bond to indemnify you against your Refundable Deposit. That means that you will get back your RD without protest upon our failure to disburse the first disbursement. Our first disbursement is always twice the RD payable 30 Banking from receipt of the RD.
  • Period of Loan disbursement is between 2 to 3 months.
  • Interest rate 3% (NGOs zero interest rate). Loan period of 5 years inclusive of 2 years Moratorium.
  • Indemnity: Depending on the amount of RD, we offer Notarized co-operata indemnity or Bank Draft or Insurance Non Performance Bond to return your deposit back with 3% percent interest upon our non-performance after 2 month period.
  • We have always maintain an application period of not less than 15 days during which we exercise due diligence on all applicants. We do not accept Refundable Deposit until an offer is sent to a client. Not every one is qualify.
  • Collateral: We shall accept the intended project as collateral for the Loan. Or provide us with 3 shortee with properties that valued above the loan amount that you wish to apply for.