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Solutions For Imports, Exports And Commodities Trades

Trade Finance is important to every business involved in cross-border trade. With a worldwide shortage of trade finance impacting small businesses and capital markets around the world, finding trade finance to fund your deals and provide the advisory services you need is more important than ever. Seffex Capital  provides the kind of innovative trade finance solutions your business needs, each structured to limit your risk and make your businesses more profitable and we can do it today. We are committed to seeing our clients through this shortage of financing by ensuring they always have the trade funding they need.

We bring decades of international trade finance expertise to bear on every transaction, providing real-world trade finance solutions with an array of funding options to individuals, companies, governments and NGOs throughout the world. We arrange trade financing through our strategic partners and a network of individual, corporate, private and institutional lenders, including investment banks, merchant banks, private banks, trusts, and other lending institutions. Our team of experienced professionals works seamlessly to make doing business globally easier and more profitable by providing the trade finance solutions you need.

Trade Finance Research

Funding trade is broader than simply financing export businesses. While we provide export financing for trade funding clients every day, we commit more to financing international trade than the simple offering of export finance. Seffex Capital clients benefit from worldwide financing research on emerging market finance and trade. Top Markets Reports research conducted by the International Trade Administration details global export trade opportunities by comparing markets and sectors across borders, including emerging markets finance and trade. Using sector-specific methodology the research ranks future export expectations within industries. The reports provide detailed assessments of competition within sectors, and opportunities for exporters in key markets, including emerging markets finance and trade. Prepared by the best industry, trade, and economic experts, the reports can be downloaded in full or as individual summaries and case studies within the larger export finance reports.

Export Opportunities Research

Trade Finance Learning Center

With more than 80% of the world’s trade depending on trade finance it is an essential segment of the financial services sector. It is also one of the least understood of the financial services. One of the things that undermine people’s understanding of trade finance is the absence of a single vocabulary. Do a search for the definition of import financing, for instance, and the top 20 results will provide 20 different definitions. We are creating a learning center with content that will help improve understanding of trade finance and its various component segments. Each of the below tabs provides the factual information you need to make good business decisions, beginning with important trade finance definitions.

Trade Finance Definition

The definition of Trade finance is the financing of international trade for the primary purpose of reducing risks involved in cross-border trade transactions which would otherwise be born by importers and exporters. Trade finance professionals use a range of financing methods and tools to facilitate the payment for goods to exporters, who require payment for the goods and services they sell from importers, who insist on receiving the right merchandise and is in good condition. Trade financiers provide the platform and financial infrastructure to minimize risk for importers and exporters and keep the pump primed on $18 trillion per year in global trade.

Import Finance Definition

Import financing is a segment of trade finance that exclusively provides financing for imports. Import financing includes a variety of financial products and services that have in common the similar purpose or objective of providing the financing that is needed to purchase and import goods from another country. Examples of types of import financing include import letters of credit, import bank guarantees, bank instrument monetization, open accounts and consignment purchases.
Export Finance Definition
Export financing is a segment of trade finance that exclusively provides financing for exports. Export financing includes a variety of financial products and services that have in common the similar purpose or objective of providing the financing that is needed to produce and ship export transactions. Examples of types of export financing include forfaiting, accounts receivable factoring, open accounts, consignment purchases and export letters of credit.

Trade Facilitation Agreement

In an effort that will make trade finance solutions universally available throughout the world, the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation is on a mission to make international trade simple, fast and cost-effective, creating new business opportunities, enabling greater economic and social development and reducing poverty. The Alliance brings together the public and private sectors to identify and deliver common sense trade reforms in developing and least developed countries, helping to implement the Trade Facilitation Agreement. Learn more about the Trade Facilitation Agreement »

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Despite the global shortage of trade finance, Seffex Capital can finance your trade deal today. We offer a range of innovative trade finance solutions to fund imports, exports and commodities along with unsurpassed underwriting and deal structuring expertise. Request the financing you need today.


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