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Trade Finance Solutions For Exports

As an exporter, you can’t afford to wait until your buyer receives the goods you’ve shipped to receive payment and you certainly can’t wait until the buyer has re-sold the goods. But, if you could offer terms to your buyers you would rack up more sales. We can bridge that gap by structuring Export Financing that will protect you throughout the deal, provide pre-export cash flow, and extend favorable terms to your buyer.


Export Financing Overview

Trade finance, already a specialized niche in the banking and financial services sector, becomes even more specialized when it focuses on just export financing. Export financing and the broader trade finance are enormously different from commercial and mortgage lending. Trade financing and export financing have to account for extended time frames in the transaction lifecycle because buyer and seller are separated by up to two oceans and 10,000 miles. It takes longer to communicate, longer to ship and longer to get paid than with local transactions.

Export transactions are also impacted by internationally required trade finance due diligence, know your customer CIS requirements and anti-money laundering statutes that make trade and trade finance providers do the heavy lifting. The reliability and suitability of importers and exporters are also examined. With export financing, those investigations focus entirely on the export side of the ledger.

While import-export transactions financed with cash in advance, open account and consignment purchases do take place, they almost never do, so we focus on the 80% to 90% of the industry that relies on professional, value-add export financing.

Seffex Capital stands ready to extend export financing services to you today. Take a look at the grid of export financing methods below to learn more and determine if you have a strong preference as to the type of trade finance we set-up.

Export Financing Solutions

Demand for export financing continues to rise amid the growing world shortage of trade finance. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure adequate trade financing, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) Seffex Capital truly stands out as we continue to provide an uninterrupted flow of trade financing. We also enhance every application with unparalleled underwriting expertise and every transaction with Deal Structuring and Due Diligence advisory services. If you are having difficulty securing trade financing or if you applied for financing and were turned down by other lenders, submit a Trade Finance Request now and we’ll get the financing for your deal started today.

We provide export financing services that include drafting instructions for Letters of Credit you accept from buyers as well as letter of credit confirming services for exporters.

When export financing involves Bank Guarantees to guarantee the importer’s obligations, we advise the exporter and negotiate terms if the importer fails to pay pursuant to the contract.

We monetize financial instruments to provide export financing and pre-export financing for working capital and shipping expenses with little cost and almost no risk.


We offer very low-cost non-recourse accounts receivable factoring for export financing when you offer attractive purchase terms to foreign importers to gain a competitive edge.

Export Financing Costs

The costs of borrowing, including interest rates, insurance and fees will vary. The total cost and its effect on the price of the product and profit from the transaction should be well understood before a pro forma invoice is submitted to the buyer.

Export Financing Terms

Costs increase with the length of terms. Different methods of financing are available for short, medium, and long terms. Exporters need to be fully aware of financing limitations so that they secure the right solution with the most favorable terms for seller and buyer.

Trade Finance Learning Center

With more than 80% of the world’s trade depending on trade finance it is an essential segment of the financial services sector. It is also one of the least understood of the financial services. One of the things that undermine people’s understanding of trade finance is the absence of a single vocabulary. Do a search for the definition of import financing, for instance, and the top 20 results will provide 20 different definitions. We are creating a learning center with content that will help improve understanding of trade finance and its various component segments. Each of the below tabs provides the factual information you need to make good business decisions, beginning with important trade finance definitions.

Trade Finance Definition

The definition of Trade finance is the financing of international trade for the primary purpose of reducing risks involved in cross-border trade transactions which would otherwise be born by importers and exporters. Trade finance professionals use a range of financing methods and tools to facilitate the payment for goods to exporters, who require payment for the goods and services they sell from importers, who insist on receiving the right merchandise and is in good condition. Trade financiers provide the platform and financial infrastructure to minimize risk for importers and exporters and keep the pump primed on $18 trillion per year in global trade.

Import Finance Definition

Import financing is a segment of trade finance that exclusively provides financing for imports. Import financing includes a variety of financial products and services that have in common the similar purpose or objective of providing the financing that is needed to purchase and import goods from another country. Examples of types of import financing include import letters of credit, import bank guarantees, bank instrument monetization, open accounts and consignment purchases.

Export Finance Definition

Export financing is a segment of trade finance that exclusively provides financing for exports. Export financing includes a variety of financial products and services that have in common the similar purpose or objective of providing the financing that is needed to produce and ship export transactions. Examples of types of export financing include forfaiting, accounts receivable factoring, open accounts, consignment purchases and export letters of credit.

Export Financing & Export Opportunities

Funding trade is broader than simply financing export businesses. While we provide export financing for trade funding clients every day, we commit more to financing international trade than the simple offering of export finance. Seffex Capital clients benefit from worldwide financing research on emerging market finance and trade. Top Markets Reports research conducted by the International Trade Administration details global export trade opportunities by comparing markets and sectors across borders, including emerging markets finance and trade.

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Seffex Capital offer a range of very competitive trade finance options to fund imports, exports and commodities along with unparalleled underwriting expertise and unsurpassed deal structuring advisory services.


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