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Seffex Capital understand that securing funds for your project(s) through a Financial Instruments Industry can be very difficult, full of jargon, technicalities and intermediaries. We help our clients cut through the complexity and gives them a solid partner who they can work closely with to confidently reach the finish line. We help clients avoid the pitfalls, stay away from the traps and scammers, and guide them to expand their wealth using our proven systems, processes and unrivaled expertise.
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Seffex Capital takes a high conviction approach to Project funding, offering performance bond to investors as a way of assurance and safety guarantee.

The firm manages multi-strategy investment funds in Europe, Africa and Asia, it also provides hedge fund advisory services to pooled investment vehicles, Corporations, Governments, High Net-Worth Individuals, Investment Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Insurance Companies, Wealth Advisory, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans.

13 Ways we Protect Clients and Make You Safer!

We Take Client Privacy and Protection Seriously, that’s why we have layers of encryption and security to protect both your communication with us and your records and the details of your transactions.

  1. SSL Website Encryption by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3
  2. Encrypted ChatEncrypted
  3. Encrypted Email Form from our Website to Office
  4. Encrypted Email with Protonmail.com
  5. VPN Encrypted Internet Connections
  6. Encrypted Data Storage of Client Records
  7. No Client Data is Stored in a public server
  8. IT Infrastructure with the #1 Privacy protections in the World
  9. All Company Cellphones use Encrypted VPN connections through Tor
  10. All Computers use Spy Shelter Keyboard Encryption
  11. All Emails are Filtered through Bitdefender Email Malware & Virus Software
  12. All Company Cellphones use Encrypted Mail

Our Powerful Strategic Focus

1. Financial Specialists.  Seffex Capital solely lives, breaths, focuses on and also deals with the following  proprietary investment role as an alternative investment firm with interests in Power Sector, Oil and Gas Offshore solutions, Aviation, Telecommunication and Media, Financial Services, Hospitality and Healthcare, Real Estate and Construction, Import and Export Trade Solutions  Etc. With over $500 million dollars assets under management or advisement already. (As of November 30, 2017), Seffex Capital started offering  these  wide  range  of  investment  participation in West Africa from individual investors to large institutions. Also, Trading Financial Instruments like Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit, monetization, Funding, Buying and Selling Financial Instruments, and Financial Instruments Consulting. We have a mandate to conquer the financial instrument and investment  industry from the inside out with some of our staff coming directly from working in the Financial Departments of World Top 25 Banks. Our business  has close personal relationships, direct access and strong long-term operational partnerships with Bank CEOs and Department Managers, Bank Financial Instrument Departments, Trade Platforms and countless other finance, banking, trading, monetization and funding experts. We are immersed in the World Financial investment and Instruments industry permanently. That is our niche, our core competency, our passion, our focus and our exceptional expertise. Financial Instrument and Investment Specialists who close deals, complete transactions, protect customers and achieve results others only talk about.

2. Investment Fund Protection. The firm operates a unique  procedure for funding trades in goods and services ,  removes fears and risks of non-performance from our clients. With our no-risk business approach, project owners will have their goods and services delivered before they pay.  We take a high-conviction approach to capital funding offering performance bond to investors as a way of assurance and safety guarantee. This brings you zero financial risk or exposure in any transaction! Yes that’s right, Seffex Capital upon request, will be ready to issue 2% Performance Bond against your instrument to assure you of our ability to perform BEFORE we complete your intended transaction! Then we proceed and complete your intended transaction with our own “house money” so we are at risk instead of you. This is  procedure is unique to Seffex Capital. Expertise has its Benefits!

3.Privacy & Security Matters! Your personal safety depends on our security! Our business handles very sensitive classified personal information of prominent wealthy individuals and companies every day, and we  complete commercially sensitive transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. That is a dangerous cocktail of information that in the wrong hands could cause significant personal risk and safety issues for clients and businesses. When your ex-wife, business partner, friends, next door neighbor or the local crime syndicate learn you have a project of 100 Million dollars…. you become a target! We protect our clients, your Security and Privacy truly matters to us. That is why we have gone to great lengths to base our IT Infrastructure  in the worlds #1 Privacy Protection Safehaven.

4.Powerful Dynamic Financial Solutions. Our unparalleled industry experience, contacts, knowledge and relationships enable us to provide a wide variety of quality financial solutions to clients that are unique, powerful, very profitable and can be seamlessly transitioned through to gain exceptional results. We believe that a genuine Funder/Lender does not require cash deposit from the borrower before being funded by the lender. If is easy for anyone to be funded without certain requirement all the beggars and the homeless will all be millionaires effortlessly. After Seffex Capital  has performed due diligence on the Borrower/Project owner, the Borrower is required to issue a Promissory Note of $1 Million dollars valid for only 90 Banking days in our favor. The Promissory note is a collateral that guarantee that the borrower has capability to pay minimum of 2% interest rate on the first disbursement of the loan. The Promissory Note shall not be cashable and shall be cancelled if Seffex Capital fails to procure the product or release first disbursement of Funds for the project after 45 banking days from confirmation of Promissory Note. Seffex Capital upon request, will be ready to issue 2% Performance Bond against the Instrument to guarantee performance.

Request Seffex Capital Project Finance For Your Deal

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As a leading provider of international project finance, Seffex Capital offers clients innovative project funding, including project loans and complete project finance documentation solutions, all the way through the creation of special purpose entities and offtake agreements.

We source project finance loans with a network of commercial and investment banks, pension funds, private trusts and sovereign wealth funds to assure the successful placement of project loans from $20 to $500 million. We can successfully arrange non-recourse, off-balance sheet project financing in most developing and developed countries around the world.  See how far your deal can go with us as your partner in Project Finance »

Features of Project Finance

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With no hard and fast industry definition of project finance, we encourage project sponsors, participants, investors and other stakeholders to review our Features of Project Finance to confirm this is the financing that’s right for them. Our expertise in project financing extends to every facet of your deal and we are pleased to take a holistic approach to your project.

Sponsors who want their projects successfully approved for project finance need only follow our step-by-step Project Finance Procedures and submit a Project Finance Request. We have the experience and the tools to deliver extraordinary financial solutions for challenging, difficult to place project financings.

Import, Export And Trade Finance Solutions

To meet the growing demand and minimize the impact of the global shortage of trade finance we offer a variety of trade finance solutions that enhance your ability to trade globally, improve your cash flow and make your business more profitable. Our innovative trade finance solutions will make doing business internationally easier and more profitable, and provide individuals, companies, governments and other organizations a range of real world trade finance solutions. We bring global expertise and an array of trade financing options to every deal while our team of experts works seamlessly to provide you the trade financing your business needs.

Import Financing

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Seffex Capital’s trade finance services include deal structuring advisory services to ensure your deal is structured to limit your risk. When combined with a range of import financing options from bank guarantees and letters of credit to monetization, we deliver lower-risk, higher-profit trade finance deals for our clients. Learn how you’ll benefit from our Import Financing »

Export Financing

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As an exporter, you can’t afford to wait until your buyer receives your goods to get paid for the shipment and you certainly can’t wait until the importer has re-sold the goods to his buyers. But, if you could offer attractive purchase terms to your buyers you would rack up more sales. We can bridge that gap by structuring Export Financing that will protect you throughout the deal, provide you with the cash flow you need before shipment, and extend favorable terms to your buyer. Discover your options when working with our Export Financing »

Trade Finance Due Diligence

For many years companies have used trade finance instruments in order to manage risks when exporting and importing goods internationally. Trade finance ensures that cross-border business is protected against late payments, delayed delivery, geopolitical instability, currency fluctuations and other known and unknown risk factors. Given continuing risks to trade caused by, for example, turmoil in the Ukraine, the euro zone crisis, and tensions in the Middle East and South America, compliance in trade finance due diligence is a must for multinational corporations (MNCs). But today, being prudent is about more than just managing operational and market risks – it’s about compliance. Compliance in trade finance due diligence relates to:

  • Know your customer (KYC): Verifying counterparts (corporations and banks) as part of “know your customer” regulations.
  • International sanctions: Ensuring that all parties to a transaction undergo a “sanction screening”, using complex matching algorithms against official sanction lists, including the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the European Union (EU), and the United Nations (UN).
  • Anti-money-laundering (AML) and counterterrorism financing (CTF): Detecting and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing by using “red flags” and IT supported behavioural profiling techniques, and reporting suspicious activities to the authorities.
  • Dual Use Goods: Preventing that the transaction include non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction and dual use goods (including software, technology, documents and diagrams) which can be used for civil and military purpose by using “red flags” and IT supported screening methods, and reporting suspicious activities to the authorities.

Worldwide Shortage of Trade Finance Hurts Small Business

There is a worldwide shortage of trade finance which has now reached an astonishing $1.6 trillion. It will come as no surprise that this shortfall in trade funding liquidity is not affecting all businesses equally. Small business is being disproportionately hurt, according to a study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) face the toughest challenges in trade finance under the best conditions. Now, with a $1.6 trillion shortage of available trade financing many small and medium-sized businesses are struggling to survive.

The ADB study, which analyzes the cause of the trade finance shortage, indicates that 90% of banks have reduced their capital in the market because of the complexity and expense of new trade finance due diligence requirements and 77% cite new international banking regulations that increased lender liquidity requirements. Thus it is clear that growing government regulations are causing the worldwide shortage of capital.

In addition to new regulatory requirements, many banks also indicate that rising domestic political pressure is forcing them to pull back from global markets in order to focus on domestic customers. Regardless of the cause, the impact on small business has been severe with 57% of small business trade finance applications being rejected. Compare that to only 10% rejection for larger companies.

That means more than half of small businesses cannot finance their deals. This small business rejection rate is astronomical, unacceptable, and is forcing many smaller companies to seek alternate forms of trade financing, which is both expensive and risky.

Seffex Capital has successfully navigated the complex trade financing sector and remains positioned to deliver trade financing with a wide range of increasingly innovative and cost-effective trade funding solutions.

If you are a medium or big-sized business that is having difficulty securing project or trade financing, we can help. Even if you have been rejected by other banks and financiers, we can provide the financing you need. Contact us now to get started.

Why Choose Seffex Capital?

Why choose Seffex Capital for international project financing? We offer unparalleled project finance underwriting expertise. Our Project Finance team, which has several decades of senior project finance underwriting experience at some of the world’s biggest banks, provide our clients with countless advantages every time we fund a project finance loan. Our expertise uniquely positions us to pre-underwrite every Project Finance Request we receive.

Within 24 hours of receiving a request for project financing, we begin pre-underwriting the project and identify challenges to successful financing. We work with the project sponsors to best structure project parameters, minimize and allocate risk, and present the project loan package to our worldwide network of lenders and investors. The result for our clients? Project Finance loans with the best pricing, best terms and least risk in the industry.


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